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Three teams  have registered as AAA in Alberta
Alberta Champion advances directly to Allan Cup

River Cree Warriors have departed

Bentley Generals
Fort Saskatchewan Chiefs
Stony Plain Eagles

Allan Cup Quarter Finals 2   Game Eight
Thurs Apr 22   20:00 P.D.T. .....23:00 E.D.T
Bentley Generals 5  Powell River Regals 1
Bentley advances to Semi Final

Powell River Regals   

Box Score


1   BEN    Austring, Curtis   Robertson, Sean    Vandermeer, Joe 1  18:34                 
2   BEN    Smyth, Kevin Bensmiller, Kurt   Van Impe, Darren 2    15:49                      
3   BEN    Haarstad, Tyler  Vandermeer, Joe    Cote, Brandin 2    16:03                      
4   PRR    Leibel, Tyler  Russell, Bobby     Stutzel, Mike  2    16:27                      
5   BEN    Robertson, Sean    Austring, Curtis   Brigley, Travis   2    16:42                      
6   BEN    Brigley, Travis  Van Impe, Darren   Alford, Jordan  3    3:45  

Goals by Period
Powell River    0-1-0     1
Bentley          1-3-1     5

FIRST PERIOD -- Scoring: BEN - Austring (powerplay) (Robertson, Vandermeer)
18:34.  Penalties: Smyth, BEN (Holding, Minor, 2 min) 3:39.  Tarr, PRR
(Slashing, Minor, 2 min) 11:45.  Dalton, PRR (Holding, Minor, 2 min) 14:05.
Smyth, BEN (Roughing after Whistle, Minor, 2 min) 14:42.  Shepheard, PRR (Cross
Checking, Minor, 2 min) 14:42.  Gow, PRR (Kneeing, Minor, 2 min) 18:17.
Martini, BEN (Holding, Minor, 2 min) 19:15.  Benazic, PRR (Holding, Minor, 2
min) 19:15.  Kelly, BEN (Goalie Interference, Minor, 2 min) 19:48. 

SECOND PERIOD -- Scoring: BEN - Smyth (Bensmiller, Van Impe)  15:49. BEN -
Haarstad (Vandermeer, Cote)  16:03. PRR - Leibel (Russell, Stutzel)  16:27. BEN
- Robertson (Austring, Brigley)  16:42.  Penalties: Cote, BEN (Slashing, Minor,
2 min) 4:13.  Tarr, PRR (Holding, Minor, 2 min) 6:41.  Stutzel, PRR (Slashing,
Minor, 2 min) 19:54. 

THIRD PERIOD -- Scoring: BEN - Brigley (Van Impe, Alford)  3:45.  Penalties:
Claffey, BEN (Roughing, Minor, 2 min) 5:42.  Bensmiller, BEN (Holding, Minor, 2
min) 9:06.  Dalton, PRR (High Sticking, Minor, 2 min) 11:44.  Smyth, BEN
(Hooking, Minor, 2 min) 18:02.  Cote, BEN (Slashing, Minor, 2 min) 18:48. 



Alberta Finals
Fort Saskatchewan Chiefs vs Bentley Generals
Bentley wins Best of Seven Alberta Finals 4-1
Bentley advances to Allan Cup

Fri Mar 19 Bentley 4 Fort Saskatchewan 2
Sat Mar 20 Bentley 9 Fort Saskatchewan 3
Wed Mar 24 Bentley 4 Fort Saskatchewan 2
Sat Mar 27 Fort Saskatchewan 5 Bentley 3
Sat Apr 3 Bentley 5 Fort Saskatchewan 3

Alberta Semi-Finals
Fort Saskatchewan Wins Best of Five Semi Final 3-2

Ft. Saskatchewan Chiefs 8 Stony Plain Eagles 5
Sun Mar 7 Stony Plain 7 Ft Saskatchewan 4
Wed Mar 10 Ft. Saskatchewan 7 Stony Plain 5
Sat Mar 13 Stony Plain 5 Fort Saskatchewan 4 OT2
Tue Mar 16 Fort Saskatchewan 8 Stony Plain 4