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Install all Senior AAA Arenas on your GPS

Here is how the file looks on my Garmin Oregon after I have loaded them



For Garmin GPS

1.First off download and install the free Garmin POI loader
The poi loader is capable of installing .CSV files or .gpx files

2. Get the .csv or .gpx file

The download link will take you to the Poifriends page

Click on the "Download for my gps" link
You will get the option of selecting which GPS unit you have

Select either GARMIN which will give you a .CSV file  or
GPS Exchange which will give you a  .gpx file

If you want the allancup icon to show up on your map you will have to select the
zip option in order to get the icon and the .gpx or .csv file

To transfer them to a Garmin GPS  use the POI Loader program
(On a garmin nuvi the custom icons folder will show up in Extras)
In other units you a new Custom POI icon will appear


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