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British Columbia
Three teams have registered as AAA in British Columbia
Fort St John advances to Allan Cup as Host Team

The Savage Cup (BC Championship) will be awarded to the top BC team
at the Allan Cup

Fort St John Flyers 2010 Allan Cup Hosts       Powell River Regals          

Fort St John Flyers (Allan Cup Host)
Powell River Regals
Whitehorse Huskies


Quarter Final 2   Game Eight
Thurs Apr 22   20:00 P.D.T. .....23:00 E.D.T
Bentley Generals 5  Powell River Regals 1
Bentley advances to Semi Final

Powell River Regals   

Box Score

Hockey Canada Webcast ($6.99)

1   BEN    Austring, Curtis   Robertson, Sean    Vandermeer, Joe 1  18:34                 
2   BEN    Smyth, Kevin Bensmiller, Kurt   Van Impe, Darren 2    15:49                      
3   BEN    Haarstad, Tyler  Vandermeer, Joe    Cote, Brandin 2    16:03                      
4   PRR    Leibel, Tyler  Russell, Bobby     Stutzel, Mike  2    16:27                      
5   BEN    Robertson, Sean    Austring, Curtis   Brigley, Travis   2    16:42                      
6   BEN    Brigley, Travis  Van Impe, Darren   Alford, Jordan  3    3:45  

Goals by Period
Powell River    0-1-0     1
Bentley          1-3-1     5

FIRST PERIOD -- Scoring: BEN - Austring (powerplay) (Robertson, Vandermeer)
18:34.  Penalties: Smyth, BEN (Holding, Minor, 2 min) 3:39.  Tarr, PRR
(Slashing, Minor, 2 min) 11:45.  Dalton, PRR (Holding, Minor, 2 min) 14:05.
Smyth, BEN (Roughing after Whistle, Minor, 2 min) 14:42.  Shepheard, PRR (Cross
Checking, Minor, 2 min) 14:42.  Gow, PRR (Kneeing, Minor, 2 min) 18:17.
Martini, BEN (Holding, Minor, 2 min) 19:15.  Benazic, PRR (Holding, Minor, 2
min) 19:15.  Kelly, BEN (Goalie Interference, Minor, 2 min) 19:48. 

SECOND PERIOD -- Scoring: BEN - Smyth (Bensmiller, Van Impe)  15:49. BEN -
Haarstad (Vandermeer, Cote)  16:03. PRR - Leibel (Russell, Stutzel)  16:27. BEN
- Robertson (Austring, Brigley)  16:42.  Penalties: Cote, BEN (Slashing, Minor,
2 min) 4:13.  Tarr, PRR (Holding, Minor, 2 min) 6:41.  Stutzel, PRR (Slashing,
Minor, 2 min) 19:54. 

THIRD PERIOD -- Scoring: BEN - Brigley (Van Impe, Alford)  3:45.  Penalties:
Claffey, BEN (Roughing, Minor, 2 min) 5:42.  Bensmiller, BEN (Holding, Minor, 2
min) 9:06.  Dalton, PRR (High Sticking, Minor, 2 min) 11:44.  Smyth, BEN
(Hooking, Minor, 2 min) 18:02.  Cote, BEN (Slashing, Minor, 2 min) 18:48. 

British Columbia Playoff
Powell River Regals vs Whitehorse Huskies
All games in Whitehorse
Powell River wins Best of Five Series 3-0
Powell River advances to Allan Cup

  Powell River Regals

Thur Apr 1 Powell River 10 Whitehorse 5
Fri Apr 2 Powell River 6 Whitehorse 2
Sat Apr 3 Powell River 3 Whitehorse 1

Note: This is not the BC Championship
The Savage Cup will go to the highest ranked
BC team at the Allan Cup


Fort St John Flyers 2010