Wednesday, March 30, 2016 23:18 EST


Manitoba - 2015-2016

The Ile des Chenes North Stars and Manitoba Lightning return to join host South East


Île-des-Chênes North Stars   Advanced to Allan Cup after series win over Manitoba Lightning
Manitoba Lightning

South East Prairie Thunder   Allan Cup Host

   Steinbach North StarsManitoba Lightning SouthEast Prairie Thunder Manitoba


Quebec has again not iced a team so their spot goes to the Host Branch Manitoba
This means that there is no need for a Rathgaber Cup between Saskatchewan and Manitoba

1. The Lone Saskatchewan AAA team Shellbrook advance directly to the Allan CuP
2. South East Prairie Thunder are in as the Host Team
3 The Two remaining AAA teams in Manitoba 
Île-des-Chênes North Stars and Manitoba Lightning play off for the other Allan Cup spot
There will be a Manitoba final but it wont affect the Allan Cup as both teams will have already qualified


Manitoba Final Pattison Cup

South East vs Semi Final Winner Ile des Chenes
Both teams have qualified for Allan Cup prior to Final
South East wins Manitoba Final 2-0

Île-des-Chênes North Stars   Île-des-Chênes Arena
South East Prairie Thunder   T.G. Smith Centre (Steinbach Arena)

SouthEast Prairie Thunder Manitoba Steinbach North Stars
Sun Mar 20 
   Île-des-Chênes 1 vs South East 3
Wed Mar 30   South East 10 at Île-des-Chênes 4


Île-des-Chênes North Stars vs Manitoba Lightning
Île-des-Chênes win Best of Three Semi Final 2-1
Île-des-Chênes advances to Allan Cup

Steinbach North Stars       Manitoba Lightning 

Sun Feb 28 Île-des-Chênes 5 vs Manitoba 4 in Morden
Sun Mar 6 Manitoba 4 at Île-des-Chênes North Stars 3   OT2
Sun Mar 13 Île-des-Chênes 5 vs Manitoba 4 in Morden