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Ontario 2014-2015

The Kenora Thistles who are the lone HNO team this season will travel south and face the  ACH winner
in the Renwick Cup  Fri Apr 3, Sat Apr 4 and Sun Apr 5 if nec in a Best of Three Championship
Winner advances to the Allan Cup

Hockey Northwestern Ontario (HNO)
The Kenora Thistles are again the lone HNO entry this season
Kenora Thistles

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Allan Cup Hockey (ACH)

The six teams in the ACH remain unchanged
It was announced at the start of the season the Welland Whalers have ceased operations

       Welland Whalers Whitby Dunlops  

Brantford Blast
Dundas Real McCoys

Norwood Vipers
Stoney Creek Generals

Welland Whalers
Whitby Dunlops


ACH Playoffs

If the fifth place team finishes within six points of the 4th place team there will be a two game total goal playoff to
determine who finishes 4th and advances to the semi final vs the 1st place team

Renwick Cup
Best of Three Ontario Championship
Kenora Thistels vs Dundas Real McCoys
Dundas wins Best of Three Ontario Final 2-0
Dundas advances to Allan Cup


Fri Apr 3  Kenora Thistles 3 at Dundas 5 Box Score
Sat Apr 4  Kenora Thistles 2 at Dundas 5   Box Score

Sun Apr 5  Kenora Thistles at Dundas(If Nec)
  11:00 AM


Best of Seven Ontario ACH Final
Robertson Cup

Dundas wins Best of Seven Ontario ACH Final 4-2
Dundas advances to Ont Championship vs Kenora Thistles


Tues Mar 17 Dundas 5 at Brantford 4 Overtime
Thurs Mar 19 Brantford 1 at Dundas 4
Fri Mar 20 Dundas 1 at Brantford 4
Sun Mar 22 Brantford 3 at Dundas 6   Photos
Tues Mar 24 Dundas 3 at Brantford 4  Overtime Photos
Fri Mar 27 Brantford 2 at Dundas 4


Ontario ACH Semi Final One
1st Whitby vs 4th Dundas
Dundas winsBest of Seven Semi Final 4-2

Wed, Feb 25    8:00 PM    Dundas 3 at Whitby 0
Fri, Feb 27      7:30 PM     Whitby5 at Dundas 6  Overtime
Sat, Feb 28    6:30 PM      Dundas 3 at Whitby 2
Fri, Mar 06    7:30 PM     Whitby 5 at Dundas 1
Sat, Mar 07    6:30 PM   Dundas 1 at Whitby 7
Fri, Mar 13    7:30 PM  Whitby 3 at Dundas


Ontario ACH Semi Final Two
Brantford wins Best of Seven Semi Final 4-1
2nd Brantford Blast   vs 3rd Stoney Creek Generals

Fri Feb 27    Stoney Creek 2 at Brantford 5
Sun Mar 1     Brantford 4 at Stoney Creek 7
Fri Mar 6    Stoney Creek 5 at Brantford 10
Sun Mar 8     Brantford 5 at Stoney Creek 4 Overtime
Fri Mar 13  Stoney Creek 2 at Brantford 3 Overtime

Ontario ACH Final
Best of Three
nner advances to host Ontario Championship vs Kenora Thistles


Welland Whalers Cease Operation

CAMBRIDGE, ON - The Allan Cup Hockey League announced today, that they had been advised by the Welland Whalers that they would not be operating this season due to a shortage of players.
The Whalers entered the League for the 2012-13 season and also competed during the 2013-14 season.
Director of Hockey Operations for the team, Tim Toffolo, informed the ACH group on a phone call last night stating that he had exhausted every option possible to invite players to attend training camp, but to no avail.
ACH Commissioner, Brent Ladds, said that the League was disappointed to hear that the Whalers had folded.
“At a time when we are attempting to build the League with more franchises, the withdrawal of Welland, was not something that we had anticipated. They were a great addition to our League,” said Ladds.
The ACH League has met and re-drawn the 2014-15 schedule, as a result of the withdrawal of the Whalers. The League has chosen to continue with a 24 game unbalanced schedule, one game of which was already played on October 18th, between Stoney Creek Generals, and the Norwood Vipers.
The new schedule will be posted to the ACH web site by Monday, October 27th, 2014.
In the interim, the Stoney Creek Generals will replace the Welland Whalers on October 25th in Whitby



Renwick Cup
Winner advances to Allan Cup as Central Rep

Fri Apr 3  Kenora Thistles at ACH Champion
Sat Apr 4  Kenora Thistles at ACH Champion
Sun Apr 5  Kenora Thistles at ACH Champion(If Nec)