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Past Allan Webpages

2003 Dundas Ontario
2004 St-Georges Quebec
2005 Lloydminster  Alb/Sask
2006 Powell River B.C
2007 Stony Plain Alberta
 2008 Brantford Ontario

      Past Winners of the Allan Cup

2007-08 Brantford Blast     
2006-07 Lloydminster Border Kings
2005-06 Powell River Regals 1972-73 Orillia Terriers 1939-40 Kirkland Lake Blue Devils
2004-05 Thunder Bay Bombers   1971-72  Spokane Jets   1938-39 Port Arthur Bearcats
2003-04 St. Georges Garaga   1970-71 Galt Hornets   1937-38 Trail Smoke Eaters
2002-03 Ile-des-Chenes North Stars   1969-70 Spokane Jets   1936-37 Sudbury Tigers
2001-02 St. Georges Garaga   1968-69 Galt Hornets   1935-36 Kimberley Dynamiters
2000-01 Lloydminster BorderKings   1967-68 Victoriaville Tigers   1934-35 Halifax Wolverines
1999-00 Powell River Regals   1966-67 Drummondville Eagles   1933-34 Moncton Hawks
1998-99 Stony Plain Eagles   1965-66  Drumheller Miners   1932-33 Moncton Hawks
1997-98  Truro Bearcats   1964-65 Sherbrooke Beavers   1931-32  Toronto Nationals
1996-97 Powell River Regals   1963-64 Winnipeg Maroons   1930-31 Winnipeg Hockey Club
1995-96 Warroad Lakers   1962-63 Windsor Bulldogs   1929-30 Montreal AAA
1994-95 Warroad Lakers   1961-62 Trail Smoke Eaters   1928-29 Port Arthur Bearcats
1993-94 Warroad Lakers   1960-61 Galt Terriers   1927-28 University of Manitoba
1992-93 Whitehorse Huskies   1959-60 Chatham Maroons   1926-27 Toronto Varsity Grads
1991-92 Saint John Vitos   1958-59 Whitby Dunlops   1925-26  Port Arthur Bearcats
1990-91 Charlottetown Islanders   1957-58 Belleville McFarlands   1924-25 Port Arthur Bearcats
1989-90 Chomedy Laval Warriors   1956-57 Whitby Dunlops   1923-24 Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds
1988-89 Thunder Bay Twins   1955-56 Vernon Canadians   1922-23 Toronto Granites
1987-88  Thunder Bay Twins   1954-55 Kitchener-Waterloo Dutchmen   1921-22 Toronto Granites
1986-87  Brantford Motts Clamatos   1953-54 Penticton V's   1920-21 University of Toronto
1985-86  Corner Brook Royals   1952-53 Kitchener-Waterloo Dutchmen   1919-20 Winnipeg Falcons
1984-85 Thunder Bay Twins   1951-52 Fort Frances Canadians   1918-19 Hamilton Tigers
1983-84 Thunder Bay Twins   1950-51 Owen Sound Mercurys   1917-18 Kitchener Hockey Club
1982-83 Cambridge Hornets   1949-50 Toronto Marlboros   1916-17 Toronto Dentals
1981-82 Cranbrook Royals   1948-49 Ottawa Senators   1915-16  Winnipeg 61st Battalion
1980-81  Petrolia Squires   1947-48 Edmonton Flyers   1914-15 Winnipeg Monarchs
1979-80 Spokane Flyers   1946-47 Montreal Royals   1913-14 Regina Victorias
1978-79 Petrolia Squires   1945-46 Calgary Stampeders   1912-13 Winnipeg Hockey Club
1977-78 Kimberley Dynamiters   1944-45 -no competition-   1911-12 Winnipeg Victorias
1976-77 Brantford Alexanders   1943-44 Quebec Aces   1910-11 Winnipeg Victorias
1975-76 Spokane Flyers   1942-43 Ottawa Commandos   1909-10 Toronto St. Michael's
1974-75 Thunder Bay Twins   1941-42 Ottawa RCAF   1908-09 Kingston Queen's University
1973-74 Barrie Flyers   1940-41 Regina Rangers   1907-08 Ottawa Cliffsides