Manitoba vs Saskatchewan
Ile des Chenes North Stars  advance to Allan Cup
 Manitoba vs  Saskatchewan
Ile des Chenes North Stars vs Lloydminster BorderKings 
Iles des Chenes wins  Best of Five 3-0

All games in Lloydminster
Winner advances to Allan Cup
Date Time Visitors Score Home Score Summary
Wed Mar 26 7:30 P.M Ile des Chenes  5 Lloydminster  Summary
Thurs Mar 27  7:30 P.M Lloydminster  4 Ile des Chenes  Summary
Fri Mar 28  7:30 P.M Ile des Chenes  6 Lloydminster 2  Summary

Teams    Semi-FinalsFinals

Saskatchewan Provincials
Saskatchewan Provincial Finals 
Ministikwin Islanders vs Lloydminster Border Kings
 Lloydminster wins Best of Five Saskatchewan Final 3-1
Date Time Visitors Score Home Score Summary
Fri Feb 28 7:30 Ministikwin  1 Lloydminster  5 Summary
Sun Mar 2 2:00 Lloydminster  2 Ministikwin  Summary
Thurs Mar 6 8:00 Ministikwin  1 Lloydminster  Summary
Sun Mar 9 2:00 Lloydminster  4 Ministikwin 3 O/T  Summary

Ministikwin Islanders vs the Muenster Flyers
Lloydminster Border Kings vs the  Onion Lake Eagles
Saskatchewan Provincial Semi-Finals
Lloydminster wins Best of 3 Semi-Final 2-0
  Visitors   Home  
Thurs Jan 30 Onion Lake 2 Lloydminster 10
Sat Feb 8 Lloydminster 8 Onion Lake 2
Saskatchewan Provincial Semi-Finals 
Ministikwin Islanders vs Muenster Flyers
Ministikwin wins Best of 3 Semi Final 2-0
  Visitors   Home  
Sat Feb 8 Muenster 4 Ministikwin 5
Sat Feb 15 Ministikwin Muenster 

Sask AAA Playoff Schedule
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Saskatchewan Hockey Association

In Saskatchewan The LloydminsterBorder Kings are second place in the Wild Goose Hockey League  just behind the Ministikwan Islanders.  The winner here will play host to Manitoba and a trip to the Allan Cup

Wild Goose League
The Wild Goose League has the following AAA teams
Ministikwin Islanders
Lloydminster Border Kings
Onion Lake Eagles


Pattison Cup
Warroad Islanders
La Broquerie Habs
Ile des Chenes North Stars

Manitoba  has 3 teams in the hunt for the Allan Cup.
La Broquerie Habs     Ile des Chenes North Stars      Warroad Islanders

The Play-Off format is a 3 team tournament, with all games in Ile des Chenes, Manitoba
Manitoba Provincial Tournament
La Broquerie Habs       Iles Des Chenes North Stars      Warroad Islanders

Ile des Chenes advances to face Saskatchewan

Date  Time  Vistitor Score  Home  Score Summary
Fri Mar 7   Ile des Chenes Warroad 2  Summary
Sat Mar 8   La Broquerie Ile des Chenes  Summary
Sun Mar 9   Warroad La Broquerie  4   Summary
Manitoba Final Two Top Teams from Round Robin
Mon Mar 10   Warroad
 Ile des Chenes  8   Summary

La Broquerie is from  the Hanover-Tache Hockey League, affiliated with St. Malo, also HTHL, Ile des Chenes, HTHL, affiliated with Foxwarren of the South West Hockey League, and Warroad, affiliated with Springfield 98s of the HTHL.

Warroad Islanders are not playing in any league, but they have played against individual teams in the Hanover-Tache league, and played a home-and-home series against the South Eastern Manitoba Hockey League All-Stars.