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Quarter Finals      Semi Finals      Finals    Sask Vs Manitoba

Eligible Teams
Lloydminster Border Kings
Saskatoon Rivermen
Saskatoon Hustlers
Weyburn Devils
LeRoy Chiefs

Lloydminster Border KingsSaskatoon Rivermen Wild Goose League SaskatchewanWeyburn DevilsSaskatoon HustlersLeRoy Chiefs

Saskatchwan Allan Cup Qualifiers
The provincial draws have been posted to the Sask Hockey Association webpage

Weyburn Devils vs the Ile des Chenes North Stars
Weyburn wins Best of Five Final  3-2
Weyburn advances to Allan Cup as West Rep
Weyburn DevilsIles des Chenes North Stars
All Games at the Canada Games Sports  Plex
Brandon Manitoba

Tues Mar 29 Game Five
Weyburn Devils 5   Ile des Chenes North Stars 4  (2nd OT)
Weyburn  3-1-0-0-1     5
IDC         1-3-0-0-0     4 

Mon Mar 28  Game Four
Ile des Chenes North Stars 2   Weyburn Devils 1
Weyburn  0-1-0       1
IDC         0-1-1       2

Sun  Mar 26 Game Three
Weyburn Devils 3 Ile des Chenes North Stars 2
Scoring by Period Game Three
Weyburn  1-2-0    3
IDC         1-0-1    2

Sat Mar 25 Game Two
Ile des Chenes North Stars 5  Weyburn Devils 2
Scoring by Period Game Two
Weyburn  2-0-0    2
IDC         3-1-1    5

Fri Mar 24  Game One
Weyburn Devils 5 Ile des Chenes North Stars 4
Scoring by Period
Weyburn  1-1-3    5
IDC         0-3-1    4

Series Summary
Weyburn wins Best of Five Final  3-2
Fri Mar 24   7:30pm      Weyburn Devils 5 Ile des Chenes North Stars 4
Sat Mar 25  7:30pm      Ile des Chenes North Stars   5 Weyburn Devils 2
Sun Mar 26  4:30pm     Weyburn Devils 3 Ile des Chenes North Stars 2
Mon Mar 27  7:30pm     Ile des Chenes North Stars 2  Weyburn Devils 1
Tues Mar 28  7:30pm    Weyburn Devils 5 Ile des Chenes North Stars4 (2nd OT)


SaskatchewanProvincial Finals
Best of Five

Saskatoon Hustlers vs  Weyburn Devils
Saskatoon Hustlersvs Weyburn Devils
Weyburn wins Best of Five Sask  Final  3-0
Weyburn wins Sask Champship
Advances to Man/Sask championship vs Ile des Chenes


Game Three    Sat Mar 18  Weyburn 7 at  Saskatoon 4

Game Two    Mon Mar 13  Saskatoon 4 at Weyburn 7

Scoring by Period
Saskatoon   1-1-2    4
Weyburn     2-1-4    7

Goal Scorers
Saskatoon Jonasson (2), Aebig,Hoiness
Weyburn     Mason 3, Sauter, Vermeulen, King .Cote


Game One   Fri Mar 3  Weyburn 8 at  Saskatoon 2
Scoring by Period
Weyburn     2-3-3     8
Saskatoon  2-0-0      2

Goal Scorers
Weyburn    Don Sauter (2), Mike Currie (3), Body Dennis ( 2), Donovan Hextall
Saskatoon Chris Ewen and Kent Davyduke.

Series Summary
Weyburn wins Best of Five Sask  Final  3-0
Game One      Fri Mar 3  Weyburn 8 at  Saskatoon 2
Gane Two      Sat Mar 11 8:00 P.M.    Saskatoon 4 at Weyburn 7
Game Theee   Sat Mar 18   7:00 P.M.  Weyburn 7  at  Saskatoon 4

Round Two   Semi Finals
Best of Three

Allan Cup Qualifying Saskatchewan
Saskatoon HustlersLloydminster Border Kings

Saskatoon Hustlers vs Lloydminster BorderKings
Saskatoon wins Best of Three Semi Final 2-0
Advance to Sask Final vs  Leroy/Weburn Winner

Game Two  Sat Feb18   Lloydminster 2 vs Saskatoon 3 at Rosthern
Scoring by Period
BorderKings   0-1-1    2
Saskatoon    2-0-1    3

Game One  Thurs Feb 16
Saskatoon Hustlers 7 Lloydminster BorderKings 3

Scoring by Period
Saskatoon    0-4-3    7
BorderKings   2-0-1    3

Allan Cup Qualifying Saskatchewan
Weyburn Devils

Game Two Sat. Feb. 18th   8:00 PM
Weyburn Devils 6  LeRoy Chiefs 3

Scoring by Period
Leroy       3-0-0      3
Weyburn  0-2-4       6

Weyburn wins Best of Three Semi Final 2-0
Advances to Saskatchewan Final vs Saskatoon Hustlers

Game One Sun Feb 12  6:00 P.M.
Weyburn Devils 5  LeRoy Chiefs 1

Scoring by Period
Weyburn  1-4-0      5
Leroy       0-0-1      1

Game 1  Sun. Feb. 12th Weyburn 5 LeRoy 1
Game 2    LeRoy 3 @ Weyburn 6    Sat. Feb. 18th @ 8:00

Round One Quarter Finals

Allan Cup Qualifying Saskatchewan
Saskatoon Rivermen Wild Goose League SaskatchewanSaskatoon Hustlers
Harold Latrace Arena

Game Three Wed Feb 8
Saskatoon Hustlers 6   Saskatoon Rivermen 5 O/T
Hustlers   4-0-1-1   6
Rivermen  1-2-2-0   5

Saskatoon Hustlers win Best of Three Quarter Final 2-1
Advances to Sask Semi Finals vs Lloydminster BorderKings

Game Two  Sat Feb 4
Saskatoon Hustlers 5  Saskatoon Rivermen 4    OT 2
Rivermen    0-2-2 -0-0    4
Hustlers     3-1- 0-0-1    5

Game One  Sat Jan 28
Saskatoon Rivermen 7  Saskatoon Hustlers 5

Bye  Lloydminster  Weyburn  Leroy


Semi Final          Final       Sask Vs Manitoba

IDC and Grunthal return from last year along with newcomer Nelson House

If anyone has a logo for the Nelson House Flames email me at

Eligible Teams:
Ile des Chenes North Stars
Grunthal Red Wings
Nelson House Flames
Iles des Chenes North StarsGrunthal Red WingsNCN Flames Manitoba

Semi Finals
Allan Cup Qualifying Manitoba
Grunthal Red WingsNCN Flames Manitoba
Nelson House Flames vs Grunthal Redwings
Best of Three Semi Final
Grunthal wins Best of Three Manitoba Semi Final 2-0
Advances to Manitoba Final vs  IDC Northstars

Game Two Sat  Feb 11
Grunthal Redwings 5 Nelson House Flames 0

Scoring by Period
Nelson House  0-0-0   0
Grunthal         2-0-3   5

Game One Fri Feb 10
Grunthal Redwings 13 Nelson House Flames 1

Scoring by Period
Nelson House

Manitoba Final

Manitoba Final
Ile des Chenes North Stars vs Grunthal Redwings

Iles des Chenes North Stars v s Grunthal Red Wings
IDC wins Best of Five Manitoba Final 3-0
IDC hosts Sask winner with  Sask/ IDC winner advancing to Allan Cup

Game Three  Fri Mar 10     IDC 4 Grunthal 2
Scoring by Period
Grunthal           0-1-1     2
Ile des Chenes  3-1-0      4

Game Sheet 3

Game Two   Sun Mar5     IDC 4 Grunthal 2
Scoring by Period
Grunthal           0-1-1        2
Ile des Chenes  0-2-2        4

Game Sheet 2

Game One   Sat. Mar4 IDC 4 Grunthal 1
Scoring by Period
Grunthal           0-1-0        1
Ile des Chenes   0-2-2       4

Game Sheet 1

Series Summary
Game One     Sat Mar 4   IDC 4 Grunthal 1
Game Two    Sun Mar 5    IDC 4 Grunthal 2
Game Three  Fri Mar 10    IDC 4 Grunthal 2