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Canadian Allan Cup AAA Teams  2018-2019
Lacombe Generals Allan Cup Champions

Advance to Allan Cup
Bentley Generals
Dundas Real McCoys


Thursday, May 9, 2019 13:21
  Hockey Newfoundland   registered but did not compete  
  New Brunswick    Haut Madawaska Panthers   eliminated Allan Cup Quarter finals by Innisfail Eagles  
  Haut-Madawaska Panthers   Eliminated by the Innisfail Eagles  Allan Cup Quarter Finals  Apr 11  
  QUEBEC      Did not enter team  

Allan Cup Hockey Ontario

  Brantford Blast registered but did not compete  
  Dundas Real McCoys   eliminated by Stoney Creek ACH Semi Finals  
  Hamilton Steelhawks  eliminated by Whitby Dunlops ACH Semi Finals  
  Stoney Creek Generals  eliminated by Innisfail Eagles Allan Cup Semi Finals  
  Whitby Dunlops   Eliminated by Stoney Creek Generals  ACH Finals  
  HNO (Hockey Northwestern Ontario) did not enter team


  MANITOBA Not Confirmed
  Norway House Bruins   eliminated by Ste-Anne Aces  Manitoba Semi Finals  
  Ste-Anne Aces  eliminated by South East Prairie Thunder  Manitoba Finals  
  Île-des-Chênes North Stars  registered but did not compete  
  South East Prairie Thunder  Eliminaed by Rosetown Allan Cup Quarter Finals  
  SASKATCHEWAN  Not Confirmed
  Rosetown Redwings  elilminated by Lacombe Allan Cup Semi Finals  


h East Prairie Thu#0099CCnder 


ALBERTA   Not Confirmed
Allan Cup Hockey West

  Lacombe Generals  Allan Cup Champions  
  Innisfail Eagles   eliminated by Lacombe Allan Cup Finals  
  Stony Plain Eagles  eliminated by Innisfail Alberta Provincial Semi Finals  



  Kelowna Sparta    registered but did not compete  

Haut Madawaska Pantheres
Whitby Dunlops

SouthEast Prairie Thunder Manitoba