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Kimberley Dynamiters vs the Sudbury Falcons
1936 Allan Cup  Winnipeg Ampitheatre Arena



Kimberley Dynamiters' aggressive attack, supported by the steady goaltending of Eric "Swede" Hornquist, gave the western champions a 2-to-0 victory over the Sudbury Falcons Thursday night in the first game of the national senior hockey final at the Ampitheatre rink. The scoring thrust that gave the Dynamiters their opening goal in the second period is pictured above. 

Ralph Redding, shown in the foreground, carried the puck down the left wing and shot a lateral pass half way across the rink to Hugo Mackie, who drifted in uncovered to the edge of the crease, and fired the rubber past Joe Ironstone, before the veteran Sudbury netman had a chance to move. Lex Cook attempts to check Redding against the boards, while Rudy Kampelman, his helmeted defence partner, moves belatedly to give Ironstone protection; and Blink Bellinger, Sudbury forward, darts in frantically from the rear after spotting the free-roaming Mackie. Art Stuart, Sudbury, and Ken Moore, Kimberley, are just inside the blueline.


1935-1936 at Winnipeg Ampitheatre Arena
Kimberley Dynamiters defeat the Sudbury Falcons 2-0

Sudbury Falcons 0 at Kimberley Dynamiters 2
Sudbury Falcons 3 at Kimberley Dynamiters 4  OT

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