"lent her also, but I still want to use them" Li Tongtong hesitated for a moment and said,"She must be back to me later" "place in which learning is not important, the key is to look at the people themselves, if a person likes to learn, even if he is not in school, not the best use of reference materials, he can learn well carrera sunglasses for men And now, I have no prepared in the case, I have a deep memory, thinking the case with adults, let me re-experience a family changes, like the wounds of my heart fiercely tear, so that the channel re-exposed the bloody wound, God, you repeat itself cruel " "You do not so pessimistic, what is not absolute" Heard him say this, I suddenly remembered one thing to, in our entrance that year, Zhejiang University, we This next entry score is very low, as long as you can on after a key line ray ban 3025 And the two of you have also selected the same school, the same professional, too dangerous, the profession in the province, we received only two people, the conflict is too great. And what I am embarrassed to say it No way, too many people apply for the previous year, the university's admission standards are too high, and Peking University Tsinghua University that far, it is our turn this year when it is a big popular explosion adidas sunglasses I smiled and said,"Even if hard to desire, I will help you to achieve" Anonymous donations only, I do not want his name to stay, things to do also with the help earn it Litong Tong's father was at home watching TV, I see now in, his face was a little surprised, but this did not look flash, if not I pay attention to his expression, so small I did not find expression oakley sunglass outlet Later became known as the trouble Usual examinations, mock examinations, or whether it is final exam, final exam only for training, test well, next time there is not too critical, we all know the The pressure is not great porsche carrera sunglasses She looked at the way some do not believe, I explain a bit But the entrance it carrera sunglass Anyway, I do not want to separate from her, then go to a college where the best, every day together, feeling out what the problem is not easy, I never believe a thing from the United States This is a high school final exam, and test good test has a direct bearing on our future, test well, naturally inspired, go to a good university; test smashed it sale oakley sunglasses Anyway, there are 15 years of D Wasted three years of effort, and replaced with no one having a hard time oakley sunglasses Kenr the vaccine will be successful professor, I have 15 years ah! ! As I was riding through puddles when the truck is traveling to our side, it does not mean slow down a little, red cross over, a Lianshui screen, is splashed on us University in Shanghai, and I do not think that difference in mind, her thoughts and I are the same, it makes my heart quite pleased, I think she knew what she was thinking as I know the same oakley sunglasses discount As long as you like, certainly admitted to the University, and now many think, the more prepared for the future. Just this year, college enrollment, the chance to go to college some more, and our generation of students a college-line number, but it is the largest ever among all students, and the strength now to Zhang Changhai, admitted to a"tw" or a very simple matter 1, trying desperately to remember the previous lottery numbers oakley sunglasses on sale As to such a degree, I also did not say, and set the state of inner peace, my heart said,"I was like glowing" Assessment of 700 points more than the mock examinations. I smiled and said,"do you" At first I am not much feel, but now I realized I can not do without you. Is facing her, I said softly,"I really like you" At that time, childhood memories, everything so far, because that pain is too vague for me, I easily forgive his father, although there are barriers, but was gradually accepted him, and sometimes even as a general Like his daughter to him like a baby, maybe I was thinking of his bones (As long as I earn a thought.) 128, at my table was made of paper down,"how much less off than you" She looked at me and said discount dior sunglasses Auntie, we would like to donate money for the people of disaster areas, is not here 2, when the pain in her mother behaved obedient fully sensible, to comfort her mother, then her mother went out to encourage development oakley sunglasses outlet Li Tongtong asked openings, service stage seem to do is a kind of middle-aged women 90 like the beginning of China's stamp is on fire, then do not know, but I do not stamp, stamp, good or bad I do not know how to do oakley sunglasses for sale Back in the classroom, and a few students a seat next to that, we open book down counter, looking from High School to the next volume of the textbook A look, but also little things, the only thing I am pleased that the stroll, I found an Internet cafe, Ever since I pulled into it Li Tongtong to her to show off my work in Shanghai, and help She applied for a China hand number cheap adidas sunglasses If you do not know a person to borrow, we certainly did not so enthusiastic, who is now my library, or give the sensibilities of Activities a bit reluctantly, in the Li Tongtong's help, I pull the plug on the car, endured the pain, I looked at his feet, shocking ah, a Wang blood stained my legs, I fell to the ground when it Unfortunately, the right foot is touching on a hard stone oakley jawbone Back in the classroom, teacher, and I said I would do and Li Tongtong spoke again, Li Tongtong performance much worse than me, if nothing else, then, the class teacher would find her Actually, I'm thought of these before, and now think about it, I suddenly some shame, their awareness of their own money still in the era of ah oakley oil rig sunglasses Back then I thought, ah, we bought a big town to come, set up a variety of house, to the time we - I looked at her ill, the following words is not I said After a child, Li Tongtong looked up,"I figured out, the key is to learn on their own efforts, to learn where the school are into, I decided, I let the class or stay in it" After all, do not know the boy is not, we are going to donate money, take so many notes, if the wicked will run into trouble, or be careful to do things better oakley frogskins Back to the county, has six in the afternoon, the weather is not too late, we found a restaurant meal, to retrieve the car, will start to go After listening to his mother nagging meal, ate his mother carefully prepared meals, I came to the cottage on top of their home, moved two chairs and a small, start checking from the answer to oakley flak jacket sunglasses Bag of money, you count it, it should be wrong, I pointed to the bag said,"to count, please give us a receipt, we have something, to rush it" Based on past memories, I always felt ashamed to face her, we the students for so many years, I really do not want her to go on mediocrity After the class teacher will certainly be more to tell you, I give you advance through a letter, you also have time to think about, but such a thing, for you, this is a good thing armani sunglasses for men She is not based on good, although very hard, but in class ranking is on the list, if you get a good study notes, her performance should be better More contact with some students, may still be good. I smiled and said,"I hope you go, a good review if you have any information you get back together we see ah" Ah, I know, I nodded,"Do not worry too much about this uncle, and we will work hard to learn, good will was admitted to the University" Of Li Tongtong parents, I have to respect them coach sunglasses outlet Because of your career there. Litong Tong looked at me and said,"The reason is simple, but it is most reasonable, I am willing to go with you" Because the weather's sake, not many people on the road Ah, it is just a bit less, Oh, you had better effort next time ah. I smiled and encouraged her road oakley frogskins sunglasses While I rode, while humming a tune, to have comfortable, if not some pressing this matter and she wants to share, I would not be so hasty Ah, she whispered to be the one,"You wait, I go back and change clothes, and family say longer follow" Ah, you think about your mother I did not culture, do not know much, I listen to other people that are saying, you read more, well-informed, do your own make a decision right. See I have some hesitation, the mother also understand that some of my thoughts,"but not too far from home, so family concerns" Ah cheap ugg boots Before she'd had a chat to help me pass to the family, but I was her commitment to human, and what if I could help busy, I will certainly try to This does not seem right, if the bike is still good, she was carrying me, I is not saying, Who his injury it ugg boots outlet Before you and me about how not But now this way, so a delicate girl pushing me away ugg boots for cheap She refers to the action when I started school, and she did not say anything in this regard The face is how I can not pull down ugg boots cheap Big up the rain slowly, we walked carefully, slowly in the rain two people, a beautiful girl holding an umbrella to help me, seems to feel very good, of course if I Tuizhao Che son, the task is certainly umbrella will fall on my head Although I do not believe all the money will be completely used up the disaster area, but a receipt is useful to it, at least that I have done such a thing, although I do not want a lot of people know ugg boots on sale Business Management Although the same year, but in a different class, because the heavy task of learning, not a lot of us the opportunity to meet cheap uggs for sale Learn what use is this And all complete, the get a receipt, repeatedly declined the old idea of leaving a director so that we, I and Li Tongtong left the Foundation ugg outlet store Out Haozhaogongzuo it And class leader, but also to learn, really busy, not aging that not ah. Zhang Changhai smile, he pulled out a pack of cigarettes come from the arms, handed me one,"pumping" And even school canteens, meals seems a lot better social, quality of food patterns, and usually compared to improve a lot, of course, a lot more expensive price, but by this time, all this is not important, we learn three years, as it seems is a test uggs outlet stores I was a bit of management interest, but this can not eat, we come out in rural areas, or the actual point. Zhang Changhai shook his head And Li Tongtong laugh, I have some understanding of Peng Fang's mood, the moment she is also from the get go, and sometimes too enthusiastic but well, this is my character, right ugg boot But even if you do not participate in excellent training classes, you can not pull down the learning time is less and less, you have to pay close attention to. Teacher said,"you go back, if you change your mind when, I find will do